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Welcome to the xp metal detectors resource page from Garys detecting, it is here to help people along with their new metal detector and give you a better insight into the most up to date set up guides and XP products. The XP deus now has a new software update called the version 3.1, here you will see some settings on how to get the best out of your xp metal detector
XP metal detectors latest review
xp metal detector reviews
The pictures below are links to my xp reviews, click on each image to find out more

XP Deus new version 3.2 and  11" coil review

XP Deus version 3.2 review

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XP Deus version 2
Gary's xp deus picture
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XP Deus Big coil
XP Deus coil comparison
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Original XP Deus original review
XP deus control panel

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XP Gold Maxx power
gold maxx power picture

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Original XP Gold Maxx
The Gold max can be stem mounted.

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Metal detecting video's and help
The XP video section

Sometimes video's explain things better than words, here are some of my "in the field" XP clips for you to watch

XP Deus UK settings
XP Deus UK settings and programs
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XP Deus beginners guide
XP Deus beginners guide video
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XP Deus interesting targets
Finding Roman coins next to iron

XP Deus interesting targets

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XP Deus in the field using "Full tone"
XP deus full tone
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XP Deus V 3.1 using full tones

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XP Deus explaining reactivity

XP Deus new 11" coil test

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XP Deus finds hoard of coins
Testing the Deus on my buried hoard
XP deus finds my test hoard

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XP Deus deep targets
Listen to the deep sounds
XP Deus deep targets

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XP Notice Board
Keep a look out for new XP information
NEW !!! XP Deus version 3.2 is available now XP Deus version 3.2 link
XP metal detectors France have confirmed they will be at the weekend Wanderers rally
The 11" coil is now ready for release, review out soon !
Version 3.1 is now available to download from the XP site

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xp metal detector reviews
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