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XP Deus pictures and information.....Not wishing to bore you with the opening box and putting the machine together waffle I thought it would be much more sensible to cut to the chase and get stuck into the more important parts.
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XP Deus short Review
The instruction manual can be quite overwhelming at first, but on closer inspection and a flick through the menus this machine is really easy to operate and understand, don't be alarmed by the blue flashing light on the coil, it is always on and will last for several weeks on stand by.
XP Deus metal detector from Garys detecting
The XP Deus has 9 factory preset programs, highlighted in blue
The charts below may help you to understand the detectors basic platform
Basic 1 GM Power Deus Fast Pitch G Maxx Relic Wet Beach All Metal Basic 2
General searching Mineralised ground Iron infested ground
small targets
General use
VCO audio
Searching for more highly
conductive targets
Large deep masses
in clean ground
As Above No discrimination Good starter mode

As you can see theoretically the Deus has something for most search scenario's, the user can make their own custom programme but it must be saved over a factory pre-set.
I found this a little disappointing, and think XP should have allowed some empty pages to save custom settings, although once you get more involved with the machine you will find that 1 programme normally does it all.
However if you do need to refer back to the factory programme it is simply just a matter of pressing a button to restore it.
The discrimination has a scale from 0-99, most small iron will give a broken audio at around 5.5 but it can be a little noisy on a busy site and may need fine tuning with the TX gain and sensitivity levels, the factory Gold Maxx Power setting of 6.8 is very good for general searching.
XP deus control panel
The Audio has a vast range of tones which can be customised by the user for example if searching in 2 tone (low for Iron- High for non ferrous) you can assign an even lower tone for iron and a higher tone for non ferrous.
The Deus also has a very neat notch which can be personalised to suit the user. The user can easily scroll through the programs while on the move by simply pressing the buttons on the key pad.
Below you can see the discrimination tone and discrimination factory pre -sets

Menu Pre set audio Settings Basic 1 GM Power Deus Fast Pitch G Maxx Relic Wet Beach All Metal Basic 2
Discrimination 0-99 10 6.8 6.8 6.8 8 8 10 0 10
2 Tones
3 Tones yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
4 tones
Pitch yes

XP Deus search coil picture
The Deus has 4 frequency channels, the 4 Khz can only be obtained when the large coil is fitted

Menu Settings available Basic 1 GM Power Deus Fast Pitch G Maxx Relic Wet Beach All Metal Basic 2
Frequency 4-8-12-18k 12K 18K 18K 12K 8K 8K 18K 8K 8K

The Reactivity control is one of the Deus's key features, in basic terms it is a recovery speed control which will affect the performance quite considerably if you get it wrong for example
Reactivity level low= slow recovery speed....maximum depth can be obtained in clean soil, can miss small targets amongst iron
Reactivity level high= fast recovery speed, very good target separation for contaminated ground, depth can be compromised signals can sound sharp.
Below is the factory pre set reactivity chart

Menu Settings Basic 1 GM Power Deus Fast Pitch G Maxx Relic Wet Beach All Metal Basic 2
Reactivity 0-5 2 2 3 2 1 0 3 1 1

The Silencer setting determines how much the Deus breaks up the iron audio sound

Menu Settings Basic 1 GM Power Deus Fast Pitch G Maxx Relic Wet Beach All Metal Basic 2
Silencer 1-4 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 3

When scrolling through the basic menus the word expert will appear on the bottom left of some pages, this allows you to go slightly deeper into the programme to access other settings such as Notch, TX power (pre amp gain) Silencer and tone levels.

XP Deus cordless headphones picture

My thoughts
Although I only used the Deus for a short time it behaved without fault, the machine was very easy to operate and oozes the typical XP quality...performance wise I could not find any advantage over the Gold Maxx Power or Teknetics T2 on the fields I tested it on, however I am just a novice with this machine and not in a position to give a comprehensive report...with some extra tweaking confident users may get a little extra in certain site conditions. Also I feel a complete novice could pick up this machine and start getting great results straight out of the box

The stem configuration is second to none, this is a machine that can be used all day without fatigue, I will always have concerns about rechargeable batteries, not only the life span but remembering to charge them before a session. The importer assures me that everything is well covered in that department as they can be replaced at a nominal charge without to much fuss which is fantastic news.

The push buttons are quite small, you find yourself using your nail to press them, I would have also liked to see a better way to secure the control box to the stem, the magnet system is not the best way.

I did manage a day on my Roman site although the crops were getting high. the Deus dealt with the contamination very well and managed to pull a couple out using the Deus fast programme.

XP Deus finds Roman coin XP deus control box

Should you buy an XP Deus ?
That's a difficult question, My answer would be....If I had the money and my current machine was to heavy and not performing well on contaminated sites I would say yes get a Deus and one day I will own one if finances allow, then I will be in a position to offer a more in depth report..

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