The whites mxt detector review by garys detecting
Whites MXT review
By Garys detecting

I have been a little slow on the uptake where the Whites MXT is concerned, perhaps owing to the bad press some of it's competitors have been giving it and indeed comparing it to the DFX.
 The high frequency corner has been flooded by the introduction of the Tesoro Tejon and the XP Gold Maxx power, leaving the MXT somewhat left out.
Users have reported this machine as being very noisy but sensitive to small targets, there has been some very good reviews on the net especially helpful notes on Toddy's Whites owners forum which covers this machine and all other Whites models very well.

I made contact with Colin from Scotland and had a deal with him for his MXT after talking to some other owners.
 Buzzerman an old friend has made some very nice finds in mineralised soil and reported it as giving the Gold Maxx a good run for it's money.

The MXT arrived as promised well packed and in immaculate condition the manual may have been written in another language for all the sense it made, luckily I had notes from other users, it appeared there is only 2 ways to run the MXT for maximum performance in our UK search conditions.

1. Relic mode with the trigger forward set disc to 0 low tone Iron High tone Non Ferrous.
2 .Relic mode with trigger in the middle a mixed mode all metal and discrim running together.
Some discrimination can be used but only to reject nails No2 on control

In the field
Conditions : Hard worked Roman site ploughed and left to settle, very muddy bad Iron contamination.
MXT set up : 10x5 elliptical coil, Trigger forward disc to zero rejecting nothing, sensitivity set to preset mark, adjust threshold to a faint hum.
Ground control Switch into ground, then lower and raise the coil until the threshold settles then flick it into the fixed position...ready to search
The MXT was indeed a noisy machine there was plenty going on and I found it difficult to settle down, one thing I have noticed with high frequency machines is if you are not in the mood or something is not quite right these detectors will punish you to the point of madness.
I found 2 small Roman coins along with a crotal bell but it was hard work, after a short break I went out again with a different set of headphones these made a world of difference, the ground noise appeared to be in the background while the high and low tones sounded much clearer, unlike before everything apeared to be loud and mashed together.
This did the trick because my finds rate tripled I dug very little Iron, the non ferrous high tones were jumping out at me with no hesitation.
Then something strange happened....I actually smiled (very rare).
Was I enjoying myself or had the noise finally pickled my brain ?

This brief test is based on one day's detecting which I absolutely loved .
The MXT is on the top shelf along side the other high frequency machines it is a real good workhorse with one advantage over the has a meter....dont forget the whites superior build quality and after sales service.

Is the whites mxt a deep seeking metal detector ?
I found the MXT to have satisfactory depth for the coil size but nothing impressive.
What I did like was it's precise audio response, it is not the ideal machine for everyone but if you are considering purchasing a high frequency machine the whites mxt would be in my top 3 choices.
Tejon  MXT  GoldMaxx
The sensitivity (punishment control) adjusts the receive signal.
 High settings past +1 will be ok for the hard of hearing but for those with sensitive ears this level will punish you.With the trigger in the middle position the mxt runs more stable at higher sensitivity I have no idea why.
I would advise you to use compatable headphones and start with the discrimination set at 2 with the trigger forward in the Relic mode, then lower the discrimination as you become more familiar with the machine. Then when you are fully confident run the discrimination at zero ignoring the low tones and digging the high.
Some targets gave the high and low together with further investigation 99% turned out to be Iron.
Whites mxt MXT finds

Poor picture 9 Roman coins a rose farthing, a Jetton and other metal detecting artefacts.
MXT Note: Big Item reading on display
 On 2 occasions suspect signals were located, also very faint in pin point, the screen could not identify the targets and read "Big Item" probably because they were to deep. Both occasions small non ferrous were dug so if you see the words "Big Item" on a suspect signal have a go.

Second test
Conditions : Pouring with rain on a Pasture field these days very few finds, has been productive over the years.
MXT set up : 10" std polo coil, Trigger forward disc to zero rejecting nothing, sensitivity set to preset mark, adjust threshold to a faint hum.
I wanted to try the original polo coil on pasture to see how it would perform.
The MXT was very well behaved and again I really enjoyed using it deep targets gave a very faint high tone, Iron was very easily identified.
I found several pieces of non ferrous, the best find was this Edward hammered at around 6" deep.
MXT find Hammered coin

I believe the best headphones for the MXT are the OADS lightweight
Thanks to Glen, Colin, Toddy, Buzzerman for your help