Tesoro Tejon 10 x 12 web coil
by Garys detecting,

" Testing the Tesoro Tejon Pro "
A deep seeking metal detector

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Testing the Tejon part 2
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Testing the Tesoro Tejon with the 10 x 12 widescan coil, this is a deep metal detector.
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Tesoro 12x10 Web coil

This 12 x 10 tejon coil has been on the market since the release of the Tesoro Tejon a couple of years back, and I must say it has never really appealed to me not only the extra weight but the fact that a high frequency machine such as the tejon is designed for finding small targets in badly contaminated soil, I have always believed a large coil on a highly sensitive machine would confuse things due to the search head passing over several targets at once resulting in audio chaos. This is what I told a friend Kevi when he announced he was going to buy a 12x10 widescan for his Tejon, his mate up in the North has one and was apparently having great results even on small targets.
It wasn’t long before I got a phone call from Kevi to say I was wrong about the coil, and to quote “ get one and see for your self”. His visit had been to an old site mainly looking for a hoard that he believed was in the area, what really impressed him about the 12x10 web coil was it’s  sensitivity to small targets, claiming a handful of Roman coins and fragments.
I decided to try one on my Tejon and indeed Kevi was right, despite the size this coil was sensitive to small targets. Later that week I attended the weekend wanderers rally at Eddlesborough and set up my humble stand, it was really good to put names to faces. I took along the Tejon with the 12x10 widescan coil and set up a simple test for all to try.

A small tub of dirt taken from my Roman site 3 inches deep and contaminated with tiny iron fragments, underneath the tub was a small Roman bronze coin. Out of all the machines tried only one other managed to locate it with a clean signal, the Tejon found it 3 inches above the tub even with the sensitivity set at 2. Jaws dropped and word soon circulated amongst the detectorists. Throughout the day I was constantly showing the same experiment over and over again.
The tejon ultimate

OK you tekkies are probably saying that’s not a fair test, the coin needs to be buried which is probably true, I use this test to quickly evaluate a machines capabilities before field testing, 5 years ago the only machine that gave a slight target response on this experiment with exactly the same soil and coin was the Lobo, so things have moved on slightly.
I took the Tejon to my usual site where one field is badly contaminated with Iron, the machine was a little unstable at first with my standard settings, but with a little fine tuning the Tejon worked like a dream.
 One thing you must remember about this machine settings are very close and a small control adjustment can make a big difference, so you must work closely with the sensitivity and discrimination controls on every field to obtain the best performance.

 During my 3 hour search I had some really small targets, a tiny hammered almost disintegrated with a hole in the middle this coin gave a very clear 2 way signal at about 3 inches deep. 2 roman bronzes, a strap end, and a very nice Roman brooch. Not to mention some buttons and the usual non ferrous junk, I dug 4 pieces of Iron including an Iron ring and buckle.


Yes a very sensitive and well behaved coil, I can honestly justify paying the price.
A little heavier but well balanced, still lighter than the Explorer and XLT.
Iron identification very good, in fact better than the web coil.
Without a doubt deeper than the standard coils on all sized targets.
Fantastic build quality.
Price £170.00 inc coil cover, cheaper than a hoard hunter !!!

This is the only coil I use on the Tejee now and running the sensitivity at zero puts this machine into a class of it's own.

Tejon finds with the 10x12 widescan coil

tejon finds

tiny hammered coin  Roman bronze coin
Roman brooch  Saxon buckle
Tejon coil  Tiny targets
non ferrous finds  Tesoro elliptical coil

The range of Tejon search coils
Tejon range of coils

The optional coils will fit other 4 pin Tesoro's but works best on the Tejon
Tesoro Tejon
Tesoro Vaquero
Laser Trident II
Laser Trident Extreeme

Will also fit but may need re calibrating
Tesoro Cibola

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