The Tesoro Lobo revisited June 06
Through the usual metal detector deals I have found myself with another Lobo supertrac sadly minus a search coil, for peace of mind the machine was sent to Pentichnic for a check up and service, it was waiting for me when I returned home from working in Ireland.
Having no search coil and itching to get out I robbed the 12x10 widescan from my Tejon, mounted the control box at the back for better balance and headed off to my favourite farm with the detector de metales lobo supertrac.
Knowing it had been seeded the week before we left for Ireland I didn't really know what to expect. Turning the corner behind the barn I could not believe the sea of green, the crops were to high, they had gone crazy in my 2 week absence, at that point the farmer walked over with a big grin "Ive got another vintage tractor for you to spray" he said..great I thought to myself, how many tractors do I need to spray to keep this detecting permission ?, he said the top of the field had patches of failed crop due to the drill not seeding correctly, I was welcome to give it a try.

Lobo supertrac
The Lobo was so easy to use, this old friend was my machine of choice before the launch of the Gold Maxx and now the Tejon. The 12x10 widescan coil worked really well especially on the contaminated soil, in fact this coil transformed the Tejon for me and dare I say it, with this coil the Lobo handled things every bit as well.
The discrimination was set to just below 2 any lower and it gave a double zip on nails laying flat, any higher and it gave a slightly clipped sound on the tiny keep your eye on the discrimination control.
I managed 2 hours searching on Tuesday and 2 hours on wednesday until the mid day sun got the better of me.

The Lobo is still up there with the best, it's unique audio sound sparked off some good memories of days gone by.
 I forgot how easy it was to use, Iron identification was no problem large Iron screamed at you and small Iron gave a crackle.

I had some really nice finds including a pin, a Roman Fibula,a strap end, 2 cut halves and some Roman Bronze coins...not bad for a worked out site !!
When you start recognising stones and pieces of wood you know a site has been worked hard
Tesoro Lobo finds
Tesoro finds roman coins
My Roman fibula found with the Lobo "ultimate"
A Roman Fibula
2 medieval cut halves found on my site in Oxfordshire

Medieval coins A strap end found metal detecting

The Lobo just loves dry soil, especailly if its flat and dusty,  the Tejon has more power and depth across a wider range of targets, the Lobo is easier to operate with reasonable depth and good colour to the signal (audio information).

 I am convinced you will not miss anything within the first 6"-8" with a Lobo. It reminds me of the Compass Goldscanner...very thorough and unbeatable in the right soil conditions

The one thing that has always been the same with the Lobo is it's love of low conductivity items, but sadly a reluctance to find large targets at depth..penny size upwards, I guess this is one of the draw backs of a high frequency machine.

For some reason the Lobo drains my energy a lot quicker than any other machine, this could be because there is so much information for my ears to process or simply because I am investigating more targets.

I believe Tesoro has stopped the production of the Lobo some new ones are left in stock so dont let this one get away.

Dare we call it the "Lobo Ultimate"
The Lobo Ultimate
The lawn is doing OK Tony that grass seed was the business..cheers mate !!

Would I own another Lobo Supertrac ?... well lets just say the control box is covered in black tape and she thinks it's my old Laser B3 from the loft.

Keep a look out for the new UK Lobo called the wolf trac