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The Tc3X is a great looking metal detector, it has the realtree camouflage livery as standard, plus one or two other nifty features such as ~ Touch screen controls and on board GPS.
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TC3x review by Gary's detecting

metal detecting with the tc3x

TC3x assembly

Tc3x metal detector assembly

The machine was very easy to assemble, one thing that caught me out was the threading of the coil cable inside the shafts, after reading the manual it made perfect sense. There was a threading tool supplied to make the job Childs play.
Threading the coil lead
Tc3x metal detector coil cable tool

The cable threading tool

Tc3x metal detector coil cable

place the plug into the tube

Tc3x metal detector technical info

connect with the coil plug and pull the whole assembly through

Tc3x metal detector coil plug

The Tc3x signature detector
This machine caught my eye purely based on it's radical looks

Tc3x metal detector full version

The Tc3x has a very clear to understand touch screen menu

Tc3x metal detector touch screen

The features are rather limited with three 3 pre set modes, All metal, Jewellery, and Coin, then another 2 custom modes called discrim and notch.
All metal mode : works fine and best for European searching
Jewellery mode : is rubbish, it discriminates out my wedding ring.
Coin mode : is for US coins, so big silvers on the park will be it's best shot.

The only way for UK searching is to run in all metal with tone ID, then you have the option to reject iron, the iron segment is quite large but the software allows you to reject tiny segments of the iron range.
(Note : there is no single tone option only 4 tone ID)

On the back of the control box there is a very powerful light and access to the battery compartment, the screen lays flat to make this job easier.

Tc3x metal detector control box

The unit takes 6AA cells
Tc3x metal detector battery compartment

The arm cup
is very good quality with a nice fitting arm strap, also fitted below is a very sturdy stand

Tc3x metal detector arm cup

Stems and locking collars
Absolutely no problems here, they are a really snug fit with a chunky feel, there is a cam lock fitted to the upper stem and a rotary lock to the lower stem, which has a milled channel running along side it to eliminate twist. (neat idea !)

Tc3x metal detector stem configuration

The coil
The lead is good quality and the coil is supposed to be fully waterproof, the coil cover is a very tight fit. I would say the overall build quality of the coil is very good.

Tc3x metal detector search coil

Tc3X pin point
The pinpoint is a trigger works fine but has a rather cheap feel to the mechanism, which I guess is more than acceptable for a machine in this price range.

Tc3x metal detector pin point trigger

The Tc3x has three fixed search mode and two extra custom modes, Discrim and Notch. Below you can see the three modes and what discrimination ranges are accepted

All Metal
Tc3x metal detector screen all metal
Tc3x metal detector screen jewellery mode
Tc3x metal detector coin mode
Changes are accepted by pressing the tick button
Reject settings by pressing the cross button
Tc3x metal detector features
The powerful light is accessed from the screen
Tc3x metal detector powerful light
The on screen display clearly shows the sensitivity and volume levels
Tc3x metal detectoron screen display

Tc3x metal detector settings and readings

In the field with the Tc3x
TC3x in the field

As suspected running the machine in all metal was the best option, it had a bias towards larger targets which is strange considering it runs at 13Khz, recovery speed was rather slow which was probably the reason for it's good depth, however the overall performance was a let down. When you see a machine with so many neat features and looks the part, you automatically expect high end performance, and that's where the TC3x let the side down....which brings me to a difficult decision....where would I class this machine ? Is it an average mid range machine or a high end entry level machine ? I'm sure it will work very well on US sites but for Europe I would place it as an entertaining coin shooter with some great features.
I would really like to talk with the manufacturers of this unit, because they obviously know a lot about electronics, but little about detecting....I think with a little tweaking and listening to feedback I think it can raise the bar very easily.
Don't get me wrong the machine works fine and great for general searching, however I was expecting more based on the time and effort put in to the features and design.


Looks great
Feel great
Loaded with features
Great build quality for the price
GPS is accurate to 10ft
Audio tones tinny and fast
Factory coin pre set for US only
Signal clarity : lower tone needed for iron
Pin point slow
Recovery speed to slow for iron sites

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