The Tesoro Silver Sabre SSLM
A simple honest little metal detector, ideal for all ages.
Like the Laser B3 the Silver Sabre is a cult machine, when you talk to the older metal detectorist or coin collectors this machine is always held in the highest respect....and having used it for the past three months I can fully understand why.
Everyone who has used my little Sabre has given it back with a huge grin on their face.

Tesoro Silver Sabre 
 Excellent Iron rejection

There are 4 models I would urge you to try in order of preference
1 The original Tesoro silver sabre 14 khz
2 The oringinal Tesoro Gold Sabre 14 Khz
3 The Tesoro Silver sabre plus 11-12 Khz
4 The Tesoro Gold Sabre plus 11-12 Khz

All 4 machines are excellent performers on junky Roman sites

Boost module fitted 
 Optional extra
One word of warning
We have tried several of these models and there appears to be good ones and bad ones, so if you rush out and buy a sabre it will be pot luck as to how your model will perform.
Pentechnic can upgrade and repair faulty machines however some parts are now unobtainable, keep a look out for battery leakage on to the circuit board and coil / lead defects.
Dont be put off if a sabre is in tatty cosmetic condition, this is a sign of regular use...and regular use must mean it's a preferred machine.

Optional ground balance Sabre with OADS headphones

The closest modern day equivalent to the Silver Sabre is the Laser Scout

Sabre with standard white polo coil

The best coils for the Tesoro Silver Sabre are the white polo and the 8" widescan.
The brown polo is very sensitive but some can become unstable when searching wet grass.

Why would I choose to use a 20 year old metal detector, when I have the choice of every machine on the market ?

Here is a simple test everyone should try
Place a 3" nail 10 inches away from a 20p coin, set your machine to totally reject the nail then pass your machine over both targets in one sweep. I hope your machine will detect the coin at this distance, now move the coin and nail slightly closer together and try again, then closer and closer.
The Tesoro Silver Sabre can detect a coin virtually on top of the nail, can your top of the range machine do this in discrimination mode. The iron see through or recovery speed is fantastic on this machine, thats why it is a winner when searching a Roman site.
I have found the Silver Sabre air tests can match the same depth in soil, where as some machines can loose up to 50% performance in soil compared to air tests.
The Sabre is very efficient and honest, it only bleeps when there's something there, you wont be troubled with ground noise or small Iron, it just will not exist.

 Carlsburg dont make metal detectors but if they did it would be very similar to the Sabre.