Night vision pictures and information
Generation 3 images

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Night vision glasses pictures and information
Night vision scopes and monoculars became popular some years ago, starting with Generation 0 now technology has moved on Gen1 & 1+ are very affordable and ideal for home and leisure use, Generation 2 night vision scopes are expensive but still available to the public, Gen 3 are for specialist services and military use. Here are some pictures I hope you will find interesting.
These 3 pictures are taken at night using a Gen 1 hawking scope
generation 1 image Gen 1 picture generation 1 fish eye image
The image is slightly distorted, very common with some Generation 1 scopes... known as a reverse fish eye image.
Below are some pictures taken with the Gen 1+ monocular I tested some months ago, so far they are the best generation 1-1+ I have used, you can read the review at the bottom of this page..
Pictures from my Generation 1+ monocular
Gen1 + nv pictures  Gen 1 + using the ir Gen 1+ indoors
Pictures from a Gen 2 night vision scope
Generation 2 night vision Gen 2 much better
Clarity and brightness much better at a greater distance.

 Night Sabre Gen 3 scope
 These pictures were taken on a dark night simply with a digital camera pushed on to the eye piece.
The pictures on the left are from the Night Sabre
pictures on the right are from the Night Watchman one of the best Gen 1+ with 5x magnification
pumping station at 70 yards Pumping station
 dark night without IR  Horses viewed through a night vision scope
The IR was not used on any pictures
  a track leading into the woods  Night Sabre scope
High performance night scope supergen 2 night monocular
 On test now the Generation 3 Supergen Night Sabre
One of the worlds smallest affordable high spec night vision monoculars.
Generation 3 EEV image intensifier tube, ex military with an expected life span of around 10,000 hours.
Effective viewing range- in 1/4 moon-light - man sized 3-400m, general viewing upto 8km, lights not viewable by the naked eye upto 20km
Built in Infrared illuminator
Super-tough composite plastic housing
All multi-coated glass metal housed lenses
Large 30mm eyepiece - upto 10cm eyerelief
25mm objective lens for 1-1 viewing
Variable eye correction diopter setting
Focus 10cm to infinity
1/4 inch tripod/utility mount
The lens system is a fast f1.2 25mm C-mount & easily interchanges with any other C-mount lens for a higher magnification.

Pictures taken with a military Gen 3 scope
Generation 3 night vision image Gen 3 much clearer
Pictures taken with a rifle scope
Gen 3 mounted on a ps 14 rifle Total darkness image
Note the laser dot above the tree to the left of the telegraph pole
Laser dot on gen 3
These pictures were in total darkness
cross hairs on gen 3 scope
The clarity at distance is unbelievable
Generation 3 image
Thanks to the night vision forum for the pictures
Be very careful when buying night vision glasses, the internal tubes have a limited life span, some Gen 1 models on internet auctions can be totally usless some are Gen 0.

Rough prices : Gen 1 from 100 - 600
Gen 2 from 1200-2000
Gen 3 2000 upwards
Gen 4 Top secret possibly a myth

How night vision equipment is graded
A four-tiered classification of image intensifiers.
Generation 0 -needs an infrared illuminator for operation. Operates best in infrared conditions and was designed for long-range viewing. Electron acceleration enables gain to be achieved.
Generation 1 - does not need an infrared illuminator for operation. Operates best during normal ambient light conditions and was designed for many professional and home uses. Electron acceleration enables gain to be achieved.
Gen 1 + uses the very latest optical components with enhanced performance very close to Gen II.
Generation II - contains a microchannel plate for increased gain.Generation II devices were designed for more difficult viewing situations and are mostly used by military or scientific personnel.
Generation III - contains a gallium arsenide photocathode and a microchannel plate. Generation III devices are designed for applications such special military operations due to their high light sensitivity and clear viewing in the darkest conditions. Some generation 3 tubes are now available and on sale through special outlets, they have slight blems and therefore do not pass the very strict military requirements, however expect to pay around 800 just for the tube !!!.

Generation 2-3 tube's

Read my review on the very latest compact Generation 1 plus night vision scope

Lightweight and compact

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