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Minelab Pro Swing 45 harness available from Joan Allen
This pro swing harness looks very similar to the unit supplied with the minelab GPX, it has a tough, rugged build quality and very comfortable to wear. As you can see in picture 3 there is a clever little plastic bar inserted into the harness which takes the weight of the machine and makes the harness more rigid without effecting body movement while detecting.

Minelab pro swing 45 harness

Minelab Harness pictures

Note the adjustable plastic rod that distributes all the weight
minelab plastic frame

I found the instructions a little vague so I have taken some pictures to help you quickly and easily assemble it.

Step 1
If you are right handed align the arrow with the "R" and push together
Minelab pro swing 45 harness fitting
step 2
Insert the bar into the harness, you will feel a click as it locates
Minelab pro swing 45 harness fitting instructions
step 3
Then insert the top into the harness, I found it easier to undo the strap
Minelab pro swing 45 harness adjustment
Step 4
Re connect and tighten the strap
Minelab pro swing 45 harness how to
step 5
Fit the harness and adjust if necessary, note the plastic bar also has screw type adjustments on each end to suit your body frame, the bar in the picture shows the left handed set up.
Minelab pro swing 45 harness detecting harness
Step 6
Attach bungee and adjust to suit your stance
Minelab pro swing 45 harness bungee

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