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How to make a cheap metal detector stand and keep your machine out of the mud or grass


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Here you can make a metal detector stand for only a few quid
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How to make your own metal detector stand that will keep your detector out of the mud and wet grass, it's easy to make out of readily available plumbing parts. It's not the most elegant stand but very practical, you can easily make it longer or shorter to suit your machine. I would suggest using two zip ties to secure the stand to the stem as seen in the AKA Signum picture below.

Here is how to make a simple stand which will keep your machine off the ground while retrieving a target.

You will need from the shed
A junior hacksaw, a tin of black aerosol, 2 x21.5mm right angled elbows a length of 21.5mm plastic water overflow pipe, 2 x 21.5mm "T" piece connectors,  and 2 x rubber feet also known as ferrules

90 degree bendplastic overflow pipe21.5mm t piecerubber ferrules

First cut 5 pieces of plastic pipe approx 4cm long and clean the cut edges I have marked them A on the picture, take 1 of the T piece sections and cut out a slot length ways approx 1cm wide marked B on the picture, ensure that it will clip on to your detectors stem, you may need to widen it slightly depending on your machine. Also you may need to sand or file the internal plastic ribs slightly to ensure a snug fit. Place some plastic insulation tape on the detectors stem to protect paint and stop twisting.

Fit everything together and spray with a black aerosol, then fit rubber feet from B&Q or any hardware store. I would not glue the sections because the stand will need to twist twist 90 degrees when transporting the machine.

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