Take a standard Laser Trident II

Add a little Pentechnic magic

And we now have the Laser Trident Extreme

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Laser metal detectors have been one of the longest running manufacturers and have been running under licence from Tesoro.
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The Laser Trident Extreme, a brief history
Anyone who has been in the metal detecting circuit knows the name Laser, they are a British version of the popular US make Tesoro, Pentechnic are the authorised UK service and repair centre for both makes including many other models.
I know through talking to Pentechnic earlier in the year they were looking into the possibility of producing a hybrid machine in small quantities, combining the best features from previous models while keeping within a sensible budget. Also ease of use was going to be an important factor, the machine needed to appeal to everyone with varying skill levels.

Laser trident Extreme control box Control box and power pack
The first question was what size of control box as this would dictate the amount of circuitry and controls to be used.
The Laser Trident II was an ideal choice
The next hurdle was the power, as many of us know the Tejon is the most powerful Tesoro to date, and this is what has been engineered into the Trident. The standard 9 volt battery from the Trident is sufficient but not ideal, so the under arm 8AA power pack from the Tejon has been fitted to keep the machine at peak performance.
These under arm battery packs are not cheap so already we have taken a big chunk out of our budget.
Laser Trident Extreme battery pack
The Trident Extreme has a manual ground balance that can be switched into fixed for really junky sites or if a new user is not confident with the ground balance procedure.
As you can see there is a 3 position frequency control that shifts the frequency a couple of notches either side of 18Khz which is another tweak, the tridents standard frequency is14Khz.
The pin point button is good quality and represents a true non motion all metal tone it is also used to set the minimum threshold tone.
Other features are :
Single tone ID
Full range discrimination
Sensitivity control
Adjustable threshold
Laser Trident Extreme Build quality and other tweaks
The build quality is very good, I really like the thinner coil cable compared to so many of today's machines which can be very thick and made from PVC.
The balance is very good and the audio tone is clear and precise. A higher audio tone is another modification.
The best discriminator was the Tesoro Lobo, this ED 180 circuit has been used in the Trident Extreme so should make a lot of people happy.
The discriminate control is also used to switch into a threshold based All Metal Mode
There are also a few other tweaks but I am not allowed to talk about as they are a part of Pentechnics own design so naturally they want to protect them.
Laser Trident Extreme set up Search coils
The coil fitted to my review machine was the 12 x10 DD which has been one of my favourites for some time.
Any 4 pin Tesoro / Laser coil will fit

The standard retail version of the Trident Extreme will be fitted  the web 9 x 8 concentric, unless otherwise stated when ordering.
Laser Trident Extreme search coil

The Laser Trident Extreme is only available direct from Pentechnic www.pentechnic.co.uk
Only 529.00
Tejon Power  +  Lobo Iron Rejection

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