Fisher f75 information review to follow, also keep a look out for the new Fisher F4
fisher f75 picture
As you can see the Fisher F75 is very much like the Teknetics T2 in appearance, designers have added some new software changes, like a volatile memory and improved discrimination throughout the American coinage range.

Early reports are now coming in from F75 users, most are very happy with their purchase.
Pre-sales claims of beating the T2 on depth have been swept under the carpet, some said it was also 300% more sensitive to gold than the T2, which again is pure speculation.

I personally have no intention of buying a Fisher F75.... I am happy with the T2, so I am relying on reports from UK and US owners until I loan one for a complete review

 E mails from people who originally owned a T2 and now have an F75

Iron Rejection
The Fisher F75 has a more shallow iron rejection range, let's assume the Iron rejection range is broken into sections the T2 has 0-40 which gives you 40 fine tune options before you completely reject Iron. The F-75 has a 0-20 iron rejection range which takes away the users ability to fine tune the machine especially on Roman sites where there is always the possibly to loose small targets lodged in amongst nails. Again for the US market this is not a problem as most of the coinage over there has a much higher conductivity range.

Notch reject
Again for the US market a notch system is indeed a bonus, it can reject foil, ring pulls and Nickels and still detect the full range of American coinage, for us Brits most of our ancient coinage fall within the whole scale so to "notch out" foil or ring pulls can be a bad idea unless you are searching for modern coins in parks.

Confidence meter
This little gimmick gives a reading of how confident the signal is on a particular target which is listed on the pre-printed screen interface...zinc...dime...qtr...etc....again none of those here in the UK.

The T2 has no backlight where as the F75 has one but I have been told you can't turn it off, it is on all the time.

The F75 will match the T2's performance without a doubt it should do becuase it is basically the same machine running on the same frequency.
It is very apparent the F75 is clearly aimed at the US detecting market and good luck to them it's going to be a great machine.

Hi Gary, just had a peek on your site and thought I would add abit of info RE previous T2 owners who now own the F75.
In my opinion the F75 is a lot more sensitive to the tiny targets than the T2 was.
I must add though that I am convinced my T2 was never 100% even from new as it never performed as well as others owned by other metlers. As you have already stated the 2 machines are virtually identical although I prefer the disc on the T2 to the F75 which as you say is aimed more at a European market compared to the F75.

I loved using both machines and the F75 is a real joy to use and has found me some nice bits durin its time in use.
In essence the 2 machines will be very difficult to separate and it may well be a case of horses for courses.

Personally I prefer the F75 but that's not because I shelled out £600 for it as if it was useless I would have no quarms about saying so.
Do I think the F75 is worth an extra £50-100?.. Probably not and I wouldn't have any worries if I had another T2 to use again.
Just my 2 pence worth Gary for what its worth.
Cheers Mick

Thanks for your input Mick.....Gaz

I think it is safe to say the Teknetics T2 would be a wise purchase for european searching.

Well I managed to get a quick hours searching with the F75 just enough time to run it against the T2

F75 UK version

We finally got a chance to run the F75 and T2 head to head today on a grass field just north of Aylesbury, before you guys kick off I fully understand that you cant evaluate a machine in such a short time, these are simply our initial impressions and not the official Gary's detecting F75 review, which will follow when I get hold of one for further evaluation.

The F75 was a little more sparky when both machines had the sensitivity set to 80, I think the range is different on both machines.
 For example with both machines sensitivity visually set at 80 the F75 is actually running more power ...say 88 on the T2 range giving an impression that the F75 has more power.

Both machines had exactly the same feel and response although the F75 has a slightly different audio response and more gadgets which were ideally for the US market, the simplicity of the T2 won the day for us.

The confidence meter is an extra gimmick it displays a high reading on signals that gave a "confident lock on" this feature already exists on the T2 but in a different form...when the meter locks on to static numbers and dont jump around it is "confident" about the target.

At the moment I'm not going to write an in depth report about how fantastic this machine is...I believe there is a bla bla bla test on it's way commissioned by a higher authority which will probably point out why you should buy an F75 rather than a T2 you will just have to wait for that one.

F75 with all the gimmicks

As for me (my opinoin..what I think...not the gospel...just an observation) the T2 is every bit as good without the complications and the extra £100.


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