Testing the new 8x6 elliptical coil for the Vista Smart
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If you are Deeptech Vista owner here is my accessory coil information page.
After market search coils can transform your metal detector and make it more suitable for different site conditions.
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The 8x6 elliptical coil fitted to the Vista Smart
The new coil has a very solid feel, construction is very good

Deeptech vista smart secret weapon

The cable looks rather thick, but is very flexible,
Coil covers are fitted as standard, they have a very snug fit.

Deeptech vista smart full picture

Once fitted to the machine it felt very well balanced and very solid.

Deeptech vista smart 8x6 coil

When the coil is fitted, it is a good idea to fold the coil flat to the stem and tape the cable to eliminate movement which causes false signals.
Make sure when you fold the coil flat there is no strain on the cable, if so release the tape and re fix at a suitable point.

Deeptech vista smart new products


The full range of Deeptech aftermarket search coils to suit the Vista range
As you can see Deeptech are building a nice range of search coils for their machines, there is something to suit every search scenario

Deeptech vista smart range of coils

When fitting after market coils you may need to adjust your standard search settings and use a different search technique.
Sometimes short fast sweeps work better than long slow sweeps.
Also pay attention to the discrimination, sensitivity and ground balance ranges, it may change with a different coil

Deeptech vista smart a treasure hunters dream

Basic coil information
The standard 11" round coil

I have found the best coil for pasture is the standard 11" 2D coil, depth is very impressive and target separation is surprisingly good for a coil of this size.

The 11" x 7.5" elliptical coil

The next coil is the 11" x 7.5" elliptical, this offers very good ground coverage and slightly sharper target response compared to the 11" round coil, depth is also slightly compromised.

The 8" x 6" elliptical coil
This little coil is the latest addition to the vista accessory coil range and the one I am testing here.
It offers excellent target separation and ideal for searching amongst moderate iron, the depth is really quite impressive for a coil of this size.

The 5.5" round coil
This coil is more for the specialist hunter, more commonly used in area's of high iron contamination such as the Thames Foreshore and can be very effective when searching between tight runs of crop. Again very impressive depth for it's size

Showing the size of the 8x6 coil against an i phone
Deeptech vista smart coil sizes

The Deeptech Vista smart 8x6 elliptical coil review
The site was under crop, however some small patches had failed so the farmer gave me permission to search the bare area's
In the field
I ground balanced the machine and set the discrimination to just reject small nails, sensitivity was 50%, boost off, tone ID on.

My very first signal was quite loud, as I dug the hole I could see something laying on it's edge in the hole.

Deeptech vista smart finds Gold

The site of gold left me speech less, as you will see in the film, was it Gold or was it fake ? I would have to wait until I got home.
I continued with my search and started to recover several different items, some with precise signals, some had the iron buzz which when unearthed turned out to be good targets next to iron.
The rain clouds started to move in so I decided to take a brief walk to my vehicle not wanting to get the machine or the camera to wet....then a signal stopped me in my tracks, it turned out to be e lovely hammered coin
Deeptech vista smart finds hammered coin
Then another signal, and another, the efficiency of this little coil just amazed me, especially on an area of ground I had worked quite well over the last few weeks with other machines.

Deeptech vista smart finds ancient treasure
This is my Gold Plated find, the symbol says "Allah"

I found the sound between ferrous and non ferrous to be very precise, occasionally I dug some odd shaped iron, which is quite common with smaller coils as the iron signal can swamp the coil, one way to tell is to draw the coil back when sweeping over a target, if it's iron the signal will turn to the iron tone when it is on the edge.

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Deeptech Vista 8 x6 elliptical coil in the field video

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