The new wide scan hoard hunter coil to fit the XP gold maxx, g max, adventis, adx 200 metal detectors.
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XP Monster 18"x15" coil

The latest news from the XP camp is a large coil, claiming excellent depth and ultra smooth operation.
Made especially for the 4Khz models, G Maxx, Adventis and the ADX 200, remember the ADX may need re calibrating by your dealer.
This coil will also be available for the 18Khz Gold Maxx.

XP 18"x15" search coil

This coil will turn your machine into a hoard hunter, the crops will be off soon so get your order in early.
75 cm deep hole
A Big hole
A Bag of lead buried
A Bag of lead buried at 75cm
A clear signal
The G Maxx picked it up with a clear signal even 5cm above the soil.

Unlock the power of your G Maxx
widescan search coil

Remember where you heard it first

Latest News the XP coils are here in the UK !!!!!!
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The ground set up on my machine was at this position
ground balance setting

Readers notes

From Italy

I have tested it in land and double checked with  the explorer and sov and is the most
powerfull coil I have tried

I havesent you some air test XP MITO 18x15 VS Sov xs2 with WOT (I know that air
test is not perfect)
Mito settings
XP MITO(Italian Gold Maxx) DISC 3/4 sens MAXX - vol ferr maxx (I see that with vol fer max in
disc is better response, I don't know why)
ALL METAl XP MITO 3 tones sens maxx - vol ferr maxx

Minelb Sovereign settings
  Disc 0 notch 0 sens MAXX not auto
all metal SOV swith to all metal.

The coin are checked with a good repeatable signal (not light signal)
depth chart

coin test

Thank you very much for the information...Gary