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The XP ADX 100

xp adx 100 metal detector

The ADX 100 is supplied with a coil cover,headphones and box cover are optional extras.

adx 100

The controls are really easy to operate, pictured left is the sensitivity, this allows the user to adjust how much power the machine puts down into the ground, in most cases this will almost certainly affect the depth, so run the machine as high as you can without false signals and erratic operation. On my field test model I could easily run the machine at full power with no problem.

On the right is the discrimination setting, this is used to reject unwanted targets, fully counter clockwise will allow the machine to give a signal on any type of metal, including Iron, this is known as "all metal" as you turn the control clockwise you will start rejecting unwanted targets.My machine rejected most Iron at the no1 position, further up will reject foil. Ring pulls can not be rejected, even at maximum, this is because valuable targets like small ancient coins and some gold fall in the ring pull range.

The control box is made from tough robust ABS plastic.

In the field
This machine surprised me, it is very smooth to operate and gave a good strong response on coins, the depth was excellent and Iron rejection second to none. It is so light and well balanced you can use it all day with no fatigue.
Although this machine is really aimed at beginners, it packs some punch, good enough for any site. Recent reports say it even works well on the beach, so thumbs up for the xp adx 100.

This must be the best serious starter machine available on the market today, even professionals should consider this as a back up machine.

Retail 299.00

Excellent Iron rejection
Easy to use
tough build quality
Very powerful

Really should reject ring pulls
Coil hard wired into the control box


The only 2 tips I would give are

1. Ensure the batteries are inserted the correct way,looking at the control box from underneath with the cable on top,make sure the rivets are facing right.Gold maxx battery pods
Remember RR rivets right(Gold maxx pictured not adx 100)

2. Do not try removing the coil cable from the box,it is fixed.

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