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The new xp adx 250 will be released in December 2005 with cordless headphones.
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This machine offers excellent value for money with a rugged build quality.

ADX 200 full

The XP ADX 200 metal detector
Field test

XP metal detectors the new ADX 200


I have just been out testing the new XP ADX 200 metal detector and must say I am very impressed, before you say "here we go its another field test from a person who sells detectors" let me stop you there. All my reports are honest and written as an independent detectorist.

This machine looks so basic, I must admit it left me some with doubts about how it would perform against other machines in its price range.

In fact the reality after having only used the ADX 200 for a hour, was it out performed some machines costing twice its price.
The field set up was straight forward, turn the machine on and listen for the second set of tones, indicating it is ready to go. Switch the discrimination to your desired level, turn the sensitivity up as high as you can without any false signalling, and start searching.

The toggle switch on the left has 3 positions.

AM  which is all metal searching, this mode will find literally all metals.
D1   This will activate the discrimination from all metal  up to rejecting large Iron.
D2   This setting will activate the second range rejecting Iron up to large foil.

I started my search at the settings D1 with the discrimination set to 12 o'clock which rejected nails very well but allowed large Iron to come through as a loud dull signal. When I found a large piece of Iron I turned the discrimination up to the 1-2 o'clock position so that it was completely rejected (see pic).

The new ADX 200 metal detector from France

This rejected all other  large Iron with no problem, the one thing concerning me which past experience has taught me was not to reject large Iron because you will also loose small hammered coins, this is especially the case with cheaper machines.

I searched on with these settings and found some very deep targets indeed, using my probe to ensure the targets were at the bottom of the hole and not in the side.
Some Georgian pennies came up from at least 12 inches deep ,and buttons were around 8 inches. My search was cut short due to the usuall business commitments , so I returned home to carry out one last experiment...What would a tiny cut 1/4 be rejected at ?.

I was convinced it would be lost by my untouched discrimination settings, to my amazement it was a lovely clear signal, even with the D1 turned fully up. I flicked the switch to the D2 expecting my target to disappear or at best be broken, but no still clear as a bell.
I finally lost the target at around 2 o'clock on the D2 setiing(see pic).

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 I switched between D1 and D2 no in air depth was lost on the tiny coin whatsoever.
What an unbelievable little machine the XP ADX 200 gets the thumbs up from me.
40 hours battery life

The best Value for money available RRP  399.00

Marks an easy  9.5/10