The XP Adventis metal detector has been a popular machine in Europe for quite some time, it has a good reputation for locating coins and artefacts buried deep, this is mainly because of it's low operating frequency.
XP metal detectors have sold over 5000 units in Europe, they are continuously developing new metal detecting technology.
XP Adventis metal detector

XP Metal detector well built and very robust

The XP Adventis has very simple to use controls.

XP Adventis control panel is very easy to operate

The Discrimination on the Adventis has 2 modes,D1 will reject from nothing up to nails, switch to D2 and it will reject from nails up to pull tabs.

The Adventis has a silencer switch, it works best at high sensitivity levels ,1 is the pre set level and will cut out a reasonable amount of iron chatter.

The Adventis also has  a ground reject, as you can see there is a pre set position,this is ideal for most conditions. Performance will be lost if the setting is to far either way. A good idea is to carry a small piece of hot rock or ferrite with you and pass it across the coil before searching, the ideal position for the ground setting is to only just reject hot rock,to far anti-clockwise you will start accepting hot rocks.

Note : hot or cold temperatures will affect this setting.

There are 3 search coils available for the Adventis and are all 2D/wide scan

The standard coil is the 9.5 inch round (centre)

XP Adventis has 3 available search coils

These coils are interchangeable with the G Maxx,but not the Gold Maxx.

XP metal detectors can be purchased in England at Garys UK metal detecting web site.


The XP Adventis is very light and robust, it can be hip or stem mounted.

XP Adventis has a sealed battery compartment.

The battery's are 8 AA which fit in"o" ring sealed a pod at the rear of the machine, the Adventis claims a battery life of 40 hours on Alkalines.Re chargeables and special XP chargers are available  the battery's are charged via the coil connection plug