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Minelab Advantage review
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Courtesy of the Minelab web site

The minelab Advantage review

Musketeer Advantage

The best performing detector in its class! 
You will be amazed at the awesome depth…straight out of the box!  With Minelab’s New Advantage, the biggest problem you’ll face is deciding when to call it a day!

Ideally suited for the coin and relic hunter who needs simple solid performance.  The dedicated power of this detector will amaze even the most seasoned detectorist.

  • NEW Slimline Coil
  • NEW Control Box
  • Easy Release Battery Pack
  • Padded Arm Rest
  • NiMH Rechargeable Battery



    The musketeer advamtage review

    Length Maximum 53in (1350mm)
      Minimum  47in (1190mm)
    Weight Control Box* 18.7oz (530gms)
      TS 800 Slimline Coil 17.6oz (500gms)
      TS 1000 Slimline Coil 22.9oz (650gms)
    Configuration  Shaftmount / Optional Hipmount
    Technology  Very Low Frequency (VLF)
    Transmit Frequency  5 kHz
    Ground Rejection  Fixed and Manual Ground Balance
    Alkaline Battery Pack  8 x 1.5V (AA)
    Metal Arm Rest & Neoprene Cover  
    Detector Stand  
    On/Off; Sensitivity 1 turn control
    Ground Adjust 1 turn control & switch
    Discriminate Level Adjust  1 turn control & switch
    All Metals/Discriminate  2 pos. switch
    Mode Switch 3 pos. switch (pin-point, reset & ground enable)
    Accessories  sold with Pro pack
    NiMH Rechargeable Battery System 12V, 1000 mAh
    TS 1000 and TS 800 Slimline Coil 10" and 8" DD; Waterproof
    Car Charger  12V, Cigarette lighter plug
    Hip Mount Bag  Durable cordura with window
    Headphones 32 ohms
    Mains Charger 110V (USA), 230V (EU), 240V (AUS)