XP MI-6 pin pointer

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"The XP Mi6 pinpointer is the worlds most advanced metal detector probe"
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This is the first pin pointer made by XP, and as expected it has taken the metal detecting word to another dimension, not only does it precisely locate difficult to find targets, when the probe itself becomes a difficult to find target it tells the Deus where it is....How neat is that !.

Q : Can I use the Mi6 pin pointer even if I do not own an XP Deus ?
A: Sure you can, it can be used as a conventional probe with 6 easy to access user settings that have pre set levels of sensitivity and the ability to turn off vibration, change tone and the LED on / off.

Q: How does the MI-6 probe work with the Deus ?
A: Witchcraft !!!...and with the help of the new version 4 update, once the probe is paired with the Deus controller the probe will be heard directly through the headphones.
Note : You will need a full Deus with RC controller the probe will not pair directly with the headphones.
Once paired you will now have access to a new pin pointer menu on the current Deus RC menu, when the probe is activated.

XP have also incorporated some new technology into this project, some things I can't mention at the moment, but one really neat trick is when the probe is turned on, the Deus coil turns off...When the probe is off the Deus coil turns on.

XP Deus deep targets using 4Khz

XP mi6 pin pointer
XP Deus deep targets using 8Khz

Mi-6 pin pointer from XP metal detectors

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XP have now released some new video's including lots of technical information about the probe and version 4....plus the new HF High frequency coils.

Here is the link to the new XP MI-6 video
XP Deus MI-6 Pinpointer video

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