XP Deus testing the big search coil

"I am convinced this large XP Deus 13" coil has added more finds to my collection"

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Using a big metal detector search coil finds big targets...right ?.....Wrong not with the XP Deus.
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Another metal detecting season is about to close, the crops are growing fast and my productive fields have started to become un available.
Recently I have been using the XP Deus with the 13" coil, my finds rate has been very good...Like all changes you only know what you are finding and never know what you are missing. Higher finds rates can be put down to a lucky spell or just a change in soil conditions.
XP Deus large search coil finds Roman coins

I am convinced this large XP Deus 13" coil has added more finds to my collection, Many years ago when I first purchased it, my first target was a cut half of Henry I.
 I remember thinking wow that's a small target for a reasonably large coil, why did I not stick with it then ?.
As a rule you would assume that a big coil looses sensitivity to small targets and would be a poor second choice compared to the 9" coil for working amongst iron. And in most cases I would agree with you, however for some reason this 13" coil is just the opposite, this is just my personal opinion of coarse.

XP deus finds lots of Roman coins

For the past few months I have been lucky enough to attend some good digs, with friends and with club invites all across the UK, one site in particular was in front of a manor House, the iron contamination was unbelievably bad, I started the day with the 9" coil, then switched to the 13" coil after lunch and not only did my finds rate go up...the targets appeared to be smaller.
I have no idea why perhaps I am having a lucky spell, well it's about time.

Here is a video showing the 13" coil in action and give you the chance to see how the full tone setting is the best option for iron contaminated sites.
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Metal detecting tips with the XP Deus
XP Deus using full tones and a 13" coil on a badly iron contaminated Roman site

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