XP backpack for metal detectors
price around £150 inc finds pouch.

XP metal detector product review

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This is a new metal detecting backpack from XP has not only raised the bar it has taken it to a new postcode
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Introducing the new XP backpack
No need for hype, no need for buzz this is the Rolls Royce of backpacks, agreed it is at a premium price, but aren’t all quality things these days.
The said item is sat here next to me, it’s one of those items that can be described as visual overload, at first glimpse you don’t get the full picture, then as you look more, you see more.

XP metal detector backpack

I first saw this design at the XP headquarters about 2 years ago, I talked to the designers about many options as we wanted to incorporate as many neat features as possible, but sturdiness and quality was always top of the agenda.

The backpack is made out of a very sturdy material, suffice to say when empty this backpack weighs in at 1.9Kg, just over 4lb, that’s quite a bit considering the full Deus with RC only weighs in at around 0.9Kg about 2lb so I think by now you are getting an idea about the build standard and quality.

The XP backpack is the best for metal detecting

The XP backpack has a Molle style attachment system

As you would expect the backpack has dedicated compartments to fit all the Deus / ORX components snugly and safely, in fact it will comfortably accommodate 2 XP machines.
Inside the bag’s liner are printed labels showing you where to place the main items, such as stems and coils.

xp backpack from Garys Detecting

Once your XP machine is safely tucked away, there are several extra compartments and strapping this is where XP have handed the storage decisions over to the user, as we all like to take different things along with us detecting, the XP backpack certainly does not leave you wanting for extra space.

XP Deus rucksack

There is a dedicated pocket for the MI-6 or MI-4 pin pointer

metal detector backpack from XP

On a recent outing to the forest I took along all my detecting kit, my filming kit, plus sustenance for my trusty German Shepherd including, treats, a collapsible water bowl, water, lead and harness, it’s only when you use it in the field you how diverse this backpack is.


should I buy the XP rucksack

I have found one downside with having so many storage compartments, this is something I have named as the “Tardis syndrome”, I lost my GoPro after a recent trip. I checked the rucksack 3 times, then turned out my office and car, only to find it was in my rucksack all along….watch  out for those sneaky pockets, they are hungry !
The webbing pouch
Putting the main rucksack to one side, there are also a few nice touches to the whole platform, for example there are 2 detachable pouches, the first is what I call the webbing pouch for a phone and the other for an XP RC.
The large pouch is easily big enough for my Galaxy phone, plus a slightly smaller zipped pocket.

The other is what XP call a finds pouch, which can be used on the backpack or your belt, perfect for trash of bigger finds, there is also discreet zipped compartment for smaller finds, finds box, or even your car keys. The pouch has a draw string at the top to keep the weather out.

XP Deus backpack review

Detachable XP pouch with draw string and zipped compartment

XP finds pouch

Summing up

How would I describe the XP backpack…. In one word…..GEEKILICIOUS !!
XP have once again not only raised the bar but taken it to a different postcode, “innovation overload” should be the XP company slogan.

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