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Garys custom XP Deus settings
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As we all know the XP Deus has some fantastic factory default programs making it one of the best metal detectors on todays market.
Very often when you are looking to get the very last ounce out of your machine, you need to start thinking about custom programs.

Gary talks about the best settings for your XP Deus and his custom programs

Garys HOT program
On the version 5x XP Deus the HOT program is now a factory default so there is no need to install it onto your machine, unless you are looking for a more powerful HOT program then I would suggest you install the HOT program using the DEEP progran, number 6 as your plaform.

Garys Sonar program
The sonar program digs deep into the XP Deus and uses tone breaks rather than discrimination, I think this makes the metal detector more dynamic in it's response.

Garys XP Deus Sonar program is popular amongst metal detector users

XP Deus Sonar program adjustments
Load up Deus Fast P3
Sensitivity 90
Discrimination -6.4 then go to Expert 3 tones – Expert tone pitches 202,202,881- Tone break 9
Frequency around 31Khz  *50Khz is also worth trying on the HF round.
Iron Volume 0
Reactivity 4
Audio response 3-4
I find this program is very responsive to small Hammered coins while giving good ground information

Goldfield deep hoard hunter settings
My go to program for specialist searching is the Goldfield mode, I believe it’s the best set up when trying to locate the bigger targets at depth. I find the Gold Field program allows me to use some radical settings, which the discrimination modes very often complain about, such as an exact ground balance, and a slower reactivity, throw in 4Khz and a high sensitivity and you have the perfect hoard hunting set up.
My deep settings for the X35 coils :
XP Deus Program 10 – Goldfield (ORX Program 1 or 2)
sensitivity 95
Frequency 4Khz (Boost off)
Reactivity 2
Disc IAR 5
Threshold 3

The XP Deus is a deep seeking metal detector especially with the large search coil and Garys custom program

The ORX has a basic but very usable menu

Factory Programs 3 & 4 Coin Fast and Coin Deep

Menu Features
Discrimination 0 -99
Sensitivity 0 - 99
Iron volume on / off
Reactivity 1 to 3

Garys Pitch 101 program
I like to use the Pitch 101 program when targets are far and few between - I call it my get out of jail free card.
This custom XP Deus program works very well when using the HF coil, especially the HF Elliptical coil.

Garys custom XP Deus programs from Garys detecting web site

Pitch 101 settings

Load up P4 pitch
Sensitivity 93
Disc 5.5
Frequency 30Khz
Iron volume on
Reactivity 3
Audio response 4
For some reason I find the Pitch audio suits this coil very well, it’s also worth trying a higher reactivity on busy sites.

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You can see my XP Deus "How to" metal detecting videos over on You Tube check out the Metal detector skill School video channel.

XP metal detectors choice of search coils to fit the Deus and ORX from Garys detecting