Deeptech Vista Mini
finds Gold coin

"I was just desperate to see the detail on this Gold coin"

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The Deeptech Vista Mini has really raised some interest in the UK

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Finding my first Gold coin with the Deeptech Vista Mini
Deeptech Vista Mini finds rare Gold coin
I was absolutely gobsmacked and virtually lost for words when I pulled this fine treat out of the ground.

Gold coin found at Bunkers Park Hemel Hempstead sold for over 2000

Looking down at my open hole I thought my eyes where deceiving me and then bang... It hit home I was in total shell shock mode, and to pull it out and have it there in my hands was a dream come true.

Sinful to rub it like I did but was utter overwhelmed and didn't think straight... I was just desperate to see the detail on this Gold coin.
Gold coin found in Hemel Hempstead park sold for over 2000  Gold coin found at Bunkers Park Hemel Hempstead sold for over 2000

I'm Still now blown away.....I love you Vista Mini what a gem of a machine.It's one of those things you never ever think your going to find but search up and down the country in a vague hope that one will pop up.... I now can relax a tad and another box ticked in this crazy hobby.

My first ever Roman was a buzz and then came a Roman Denarius in great condition what blew me away, then I nearly fell over backwards with my first Silver Hammered.... But with this Gold Coin I didn't know what was going on.. It just don't happen and probably never will again.

Deeptech_vista_mini_Garys detecting

So far the Deeptech Vista range have done me so so well and never skipped a beat, if I'm finding gold hammereds with the cheapest in the range 275 then what a testament to Deeptech's machines.

I knew this mini was a keeper and mentioned that in my other post last week but to get my first ever hammered gold it truly has got my attention now.

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