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"A fantastic search coil from Deeptech it really punches deep"

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Had a great day with the vista sprite with the epic coil attached... First started off with with some fragments of metal and a few shotgun cartridges.. The usual suspects and as me and Andrew progressed through the field I found a few worn coins.


Andrew was already on route to an area that I thought looked interesting... Caught up with Andrew and said to him "this area should hold some finds I think"

We both agreed being it was like a empty plot of land near a main road with a old pub to the right and housing on the left.

Plot of land that just crying out to be detected, soon as started detecting the area I started getting more signals.... not loud signals but faint repeatable ones, the kind of signals we all get good feelings about on pasture being you know the place hasn't been turned by the plough in many many years.

First signal was a coin, second signal was a coin, third signal was a coin and all over 10 inches deep but with repeatable audio.... Walking deeper into the area and I came across a iffy signal... Tried the coke button and it turned to a low tone but thought I would have a look so pulled out the plug and it was crumpled up foil near the surface.


Carried on digging targets and every signal was more or less a coin then came across a wider signal but again faint... I knew what ever this target was it was going to be deep but biggish.

Went down a full spades worth in very wet soggy soil... Done the usual thing after pulling the plug that is to wave coil across the plug and hole to save wasting time digging in the hole if it's in the plug... But the audio became stronger but still not a hum dingah and still in the hole.

Took another good shovels worth and stuck the probe in and got a hit... Got my hand digger out and dislodged 3 coins that was stuck together from the very bottom.

Happy with that I walked over to Andrew to show him and tell him we are in a good spot.

Showed Gary and He came over to take a few pictures.


The hole was still open so I checked for more items before replacing... Bingo baby more hits :0)

In total I pulled about seven coins from that hole about 13-14 inches down if not more.
"A fantastic search coil from Deeptech it really punches deep"


Most ever coin finds in one hole for me that day.

The sprite and epic coil really is a good matchup... Stable machine attached to a coil that gives you that extra depth allowing signals to hit clearer and help bring a well hunted field back into play.

Pitty I didn't get my coin fest on camera but that's the way the cookie crumbles but I did get the camera out later on in the day and pulled my find of the day and of the year I say.

I found this fantastic toy Flintlock pistol


Great day in two good fields in amazing location and in the company of good men... What more can I ask for.

Please watch the video below and see me pull my cool find live on cam.. :0)

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