Searching a Roman site with the F75

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Fisher F75 with new 15 x8 coil very sensitive to small targets !
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Fisher F75 15 x 8 coil review
The coil was sent to me direct from MDetectors in Bulgaria, my friend over there said he wanted my opinion on how this coil performed in the UK.
It is marketed as a Gold hunting coil, by that I assume ideal for finding nuggets.

coiltek coil

Build quality
The build quality is very good, although I have never been a big fan of the heavy duty PVC cable, it is robust and long lasting but has a bulky feel to it.

coiltek 15 x 8 coil review

Once mounted on the Fisher F75 it felt slightly heavier than the stock coil, but not uncomfortable

In The Field
If this coil was for nugget hunting I would assume it would find small targets on an iron contaminated field, the Fisher F75 has a very quick recovery speed so a junky Roman site was going to be my testing ground for the morning.

Fisher F75 with coiltek coil

Performance and results
First of all I had a short session with two other machines, both fitted with smaller coils, just to get a feel for what I would expect to find. Then I planned to compare the Fishers finds at the end of the session.

Fisher F75 finds ancient coins fisher metal detector with a big coil

Finds rate
The 15 x 8 coil really worked well, I have to say I was really impressed how easily it picked out small targets amongst iron, the settings I used on the Fisher F75 was:
JE mode, Sensitivity 55, Tones 2F, discrimination 8.

Roman finds from the uk medieval clothng fastener

I found some nice items, some were very small....all amongst iron, 4 and a half Roman coins and a lovely clothing fastener, what a great little session !

medieval fastener

Final thoughts
The coil worked better than I expected, it just goes to show how good aftermarket products can be !
Initially I thought pin pointing would be difficult but it was spot on every time, all you need to do is make short sweeps across the target while slowly drawing the coil back, when the target disappears its on the front tip of the coil.

EMI ( electro magnetic interference)
 I don't think this coil had any better or worse EMI than the stock coil, I noticed no difference when searching under power lines, but I did get a lot of chatter when testing at home.

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